In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." - Albert Sent-Gyorgyi, 1960 Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Here is some feedback from actual clients:

Rachel performed an energy clearing for me today, and it was an exhilarating, moving (pardon the pun) experience. I felt very comfortable and open during the process in which Rachel methodically and carefully cleared out blocking energies and residues from past generations as well as blocks I created myself during my lifetime. When it was done I felt so clear and sparkly I could almost levitate. I look forward to proceeding with my life goals with clear intention and open pathways thanks to Rachel’s gift.  If you choose to have Rachel work with you, keep an open heart and don’t hesitate to share information that may assist her with the important work she is doing. She comes form a place of love and divine light, so there is nothing to be afraid of. I highly recommend a session to anyone considering it and am gifting my son with a session because I know it will help him in his life’s endeavors. Thank you Rachel, and thank you for sharing your gift!

– Ann H., New York

Following my first session, I felt an increase in energy and alertness. The following days have shown improvements in many other areas in my life. I have felt like I’m more integrated with my true self and have experienced greater mental and emotional clarity. I’ve also felt far calmer than I had previously, with less feeling of needing to struggle to control negative feelings of anger and fear. Also, during incidents of increased stress, I did not experience dissociation as has been the pattern before the session. I’ve also experienced less incidents of increased anxiety following the session. The results of my session with Rachel have been amazing. I have continued to feel energized and clear, even with increased external stress. I’m noticing more and more positive changes as the days go on, but it continues to be amazing.

– Beth B., Utah

Just a quick note to say thanks again for the wonderful healing session.  I feel great!! I had so much more energy, I did not stop all day!

– Judy M., Michigan

When I first started seeing Rachel, what she had to offer was completely new to me. She was great at explaining the process and made sure I felt comfortable with it. The energy healing was by far my favorite. It was amazing the insight that Rachel received on behalf of me and the difference between the responses before and after the session. I feel lighter, more positive, more like the person I know that I am.  The experience was a spiritual one and brought an understanding of things I couldn’t see but know deep in my soul are true. Before it felt as if all the “baggage” that I’ve been carrying throughout my life was holding me back and with the energy healing  I was freed of it. I feel like I can move forward, deal with the trials of life and remain true to myself and be happy. That’s one of the best feelings anyone can have, the knowledge that they can and are truly happy.

– Jenny A., Utah

This is really neat!  As Rachel worked on me I could feel myself relaxing and I had a feeling of lightness and balance.  It’s only been a few days but I am having really interesting reactions.  Immediately after my session I found out the company I work for is going to go through a bankruptcy. It shouldn’t effect my job but, that’s not the point.  I felt like I could handle whatever gets thrown at me.  If I tried to describe the feeling it is like I am very balanced inside with a protective coating on the outside and I have Wonder Woman’s magic bracelets to throw off anything negative that tries to get through.  I also woke up with a bad headache this morning. While I was trying to decide whether it was a migraine or sinuses to decide what to take I could feel is starting to lessen. Over the course of a couple of hours it turned into mist and floated away.  This never happens so I was very pleasantly surprised.  I can only attribute it to the session I had. Thank you again for spending your precious time on me.

– Cheryl W., Kentucky

I loved my session with Rachel. During the session  noticed the tension in my body released as she worked through some of my more emotional issues and blocks.  I have since noticed that following my healing session, that I feel much more peaceful and able to move through life with more grace and ease. I loved the generational work that she did, and have noticed a difference in my children! This was HUGE for me!

– Julia H., Utah