Group Sessions

Energy medicine is the future of medicine." - Dr. Mehmet Oz

Just like during an individual session, these monthly group sessions are 50-minute sessions. At the beginning of the session, there is a general clearing to make sure we are all working in a sacred space. Then, just as in an individual session, Rachel will feel where the energy wants to go to clear the specific energy that is ready to be released.

Because energy knows no bounds, those who are on the group call will feel more vibrant, lighter, brighter, and be giving off a higher and new vibration. Even if there is one person on the call is blocked with an issue that is related to the topic for the call, it will surface. Likewise, if there are multiple people on the call with similar blocks, everyone’s energy will be cleared of it because of the wisdom of their spirit.

Topics rotate every month, along with the times and days to give everyone an opportunity to join. These sessions are not recorded, and you must register to participate in the session. After registering for a specific group session, please send a short e-mail letting Rachel know what your intention is for the session.